Some Canadian Google Homes are able to access multi-user feature

Google Home

While Google Canada recently reiterated to MobileSyrup in a statement that multi-user support isn’t yet available with the Canadian version of Google Home, a number of readers have reached out to us stating that they’ve been able to access the feature.

For what it’s worth, I wasn’t able to get access to Home’s currently U.S. exclusive multi-user feature through any of the reported methods, including switching Home’s language to ‘U.S. English’ from ‘Canadian English,’ or by factory resetting the device and repeating the same process.

It’s unclear why Google has delayed Home multi-user support in Canada, though it’s possible the release could be linked to the Canadian version of the device’s French language support. Some Canadians accessing the feature could also be a server-side error on Google’s part, with the feature accidentally being released to some users north of the U.S. border.

It’s worth noting that multi-user Google Home support recently rolled out in the U.K., which could indicate that an official Canadian launch likely isn’t far off.

Multi-user support allows Google Assistant to understand your voice through the use of a neural network that’s capable of detecting specific characteristics in a person’s voice. The setup process is simple and only requires the user to say “Ok, Google” and “Hey, Google” two times each. For anyone planning to have more than one person use their Google Home, multi-user support is an important feature.

For more information on Google Home, check out my review of Google’s voice-activated assistant. Have you been able to access Google Home’s multi-user feature with your Canadian Google Home? Let us know in the comments section.