Apple has sold 1.2 billion iPhones in 10 years


On the 10th anniversary of the iPhone’s release in the United States, Apple has hit the 1.2 billion iPhones sold mark, amounting to a total of $738 billion USD, according to analytics firm Statista.

This comes to approximately $100 billion in profit over the iPhone’s life so far, which is a significant portion of the Apple’s massive $256 billion pile of cash.

Apple hit 100 million units in 2011, 200 million in 2012, 500 million in 2013 and 1 billion in 2016, according to additional stats from Statista.

Regardless of how you feel about Apple or the iPhone, 1.2 billion shipped devices over a 10 year period is an astounding number.

If we break this down, this means that apple sold the following over the past decade:

  • 328,767 phones per day
  • 2,301,369 phones per week
  • 9,863,010 phones per month
  • 119,671,188 phones per year

In celebration of the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, it’s expected that Apple will release three versions of the device this year: A regular sized device, a larger Plus iteration and a special 10th anniversary version of the iPhone.

Source: Statista