‘What’s this song?’ feature reportedly coming back to Google Assistant

Google Assistant

Android Police‘s recent APK breakdown of the Google beta app (version 7.6.9) reveals it’s possible future Chromebooks will get a dedicated ‘Google Assistant’ button, and that the ‘What’s this song’ feature will make its way back to the Google Assistant.

A past report from Chrome Unboxed backs up Android Police’s findings when it comes to the addition of an Assistant button to Chromebooks, revealing a line of text in the APK code that states: “When your Chromebook is set up, press the Assistant button or say Ok Google to get help from your Assistant anytime.”

The return of ‘What’s this song?’ is also mentioned in the code.

Currently, when you ask Google Assistant “What’s this song?” the voice-activated assistant replies by saying, “Action not supported in your country.” According to Android Police the American version of the Assistant answers stating, “that it doesn’t know how to do that yet” — though the Shazam-like feature was present in Google’s previous voice control system.

Furthermore, in the latest APK teardown a string of code that says, “<string name=”opa_music_search_suggestion_chip_title”>What\’s this song?</string>.” The ‘opa’ portion of the code is reportedly another name for Google Assistant.

Presumably, when Google Assistant gains the ‘What’s this song?’ feature, it will roll out across the AI’s footprint, including Canada, but in the meantime — users can have Google identify songs through Google Now.

Source: Android Police