Tell us your favourite smartphone for a special episode of the SyrupCast

iPhone 5S and iPhone 6S side by side

With the iPhone turning 10 years old (nine in Canada) last week, the MobileSyrup crew got to reminiscing about our favourite smartphones.

I advocated for the iPhone 5S, which former MobileSyrup editor Daniel Bader sold to me shortly after I started working at the website. The iPhone 5S featured a beautiful screen, especially compared to the phone I had at the time, the Galaxy Nexus. It was also the first iPhone to include the Apple’s now-standard Touch ID fingerprint authentication scanner. Even when I had a chance to get the iPhone 6S, I was somewhat hesitant to do so since its older sibling had served me so well.

Of course, a favourite smartphone is a deeply personal choice that has a lot to do with where you were at the time and the device you decided to buy, which is why we want to hear what your favourite smartphone is. Make sure to also tell us, in specific terms, why it’s your favourite. In addition, if you have a particularly fun or poignant anecdote related to your favourite phone, share it with us. Did you, for example, rappel down a bridge to retrieve it after it fell onto a sandbar?

We’ll feature the best ones on this week’s episode of the SyrupCast. As always, there’s one of three ways to have your comment read on the podcast.

a) Leave a comment in the comment section below.
b) Email us at podcast@mobilesyrup.com — on that note, please send us any questions you would like to see the SyrupCast crew tackle to that same email; we’ve had some great questions the past few weeks.
c) If writing isn’t your thing or you would rather be heard on the podcast, you can send your favourite smartphone via voice recording (again via podcast@mobilesyrup.com) and our sound engineer Robyn will add it to the podcast.

We look forward to seeing your favourite picks.