Homebrew developer uncovers NES emulator in the Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch

Now that the Nintendo Switch has been out in the wild for a few months, hackers and homebrew tinkerers have had sufficient time to pick apart the console’s firmware and internals.

The most interesting recent discovery regarding the Switch’s firmware is that it comes preinstalled with an internal NES emulator called ‘flog.’

Other than the emulator’s name, little is known about the software. Nintendo does, however, plan to bring NES games to the console at some point in the future, and has already confirmed that Super Mario Bros. 3 and Dr. Mario are coming to the handheld-home console hybrid device.

It’s likely that this emulator is somehow associated with the company’s future retro Virtual Console plans for the Switch. It’s likely that Nintendo has plans to roll out other emulators next year when it launches the virtual console.

Alongside the release of Splatoon 2 later this month, Nintendo is finally rolling out the Switch’s dedicated online multiplayer mobile app.

Source: Switchbrew Via: Twitter