Spotify testing a ‘driving mode’ on Android to reduce distractions

Spotify app on phone

Spotify is running tests on a driving mode that is aimed at reducing distractions for those behind the wheel. Reports suggest that an unknown number of Android phone users have already accessed the feature, although it’s unclear how they were able to do so.

As per images from Reddit user Chris54721, the new driving mode seems to offer larger buttons, verbal song announcements and currently inactive voice control.

Spotify car mode

The images also show a small car icon in the bottom left corner, which seems to signify that the mode is enabled.

It’s unclear as of now when this driving mode might be rolled out to the larger public. Back at June’s WWDC event, Apple announced do not disturb while driving,” a similar hands-free feature coming to iPhones as part of this fall’s iOS 11 update.

Via: The Verge