Millennials buy from Amazon more than any other demographic


Millennials are buying from the Amazon more than the older and younger generations, according to a report from Yes Lifecycle Marketing,  The findings reveal that 79 percent of millennials have purchased from Amazon within the past month.

Yes Lifecycle surveyed more than one thousand consumers of all ages this past March and found that 55 percent of millennials choose Amazon because of its Prime membership, while 76 percent like Amazon due to its prices.

“Amazon Prime benefits draw in millennial shoppers more than other generations by aligning with their preference for loyalty messaging and programs,” said Michael Fisher, president of Yes Lifecycle Marketing said in a press statement.

“By segmenting their customers by generation, marketers can pinpoint customer preference for elements like messaging, channel and timing, and define distinct strategies that resonate with those audiences. And in turn, marketers will create long-lasting relationships with their customers.”

The report also reveals that baby boomers like Amazon because of its convenience, while Centennials, or generation Z, prefer to shop in-store. Additionally, the report concludes that consumers still find in-store experiences equally important as e-commerce.

Furthermore, Yes Lifecycle found that those who are a part of Generation X — those born in the early to mid 60s to late to early 80s — were the second most likely demographic to purchase from Amazon. While Centennials shop in store during the holidays more than any other generation.

Source: Yes Lifecycle Marketing