iOS 11 public beta testers can now download Beta 2


Beta testers rejoice; the iOS 11 public Beta 2 update is now available to download.

The update should fix certain bugs that are present within the current beta release of iOS 11, including one that prevents the iPhone from notifying the user when their phone is ringing.

Although we don’t have the update’s change log just yet, Beta 2 will likely add other subtle enhancements to iOS that should create a smoother experience for users.

The second beta still comes with the standard warning that apps may crash, battery life may drain faster and performance may be sluggish.

Apple’s recently released developer Beta 3 added a variety of new features, including a swipe up to close apps gesture on the iPad, new multitasking refinements and new Siri translations from English to Spanish, German, French and Italian.

Apple plans to add a variety of new functionality with the latest version of iOS. iPad users will have access to new multi-tasking features, including enhanced drag and drop functionality, as well as the ability to create notes instantly with the Apple Pencil.

Additionally, users will be able to make GIFs and have access to a new Apple App Store with iOS 11.

Access to the iOS 11 public beta is available here.