Telus launches company pilot program of eBrake distracted driving app

ebrake app telus

Aiming to help reduce the prevalence of distracted driving, Telus has announced it is deploying a pilot project with Vancouver-based distracted driving app eBrake.

eBrake, which is set to be tested by select Telus team members and fleet drivers, blocks drivers from using their phones while in motion, but allows passenger use through a proprietary gesture-based ‘Passenger Unlock Test.’

“As a provider of the network that powers mobile devices, we have a responsibility to encourage Canadians to make safe smartphone decisions,” said Andrea Goertz, chief communications and sustainability officer at Telus in a press statement.

“This pilot program will provide additional insights into this new technology so that it can be introduced to all Canadians, underscoring the dangers of phone use while driving and encouraging others to support the cause to end distracted driving.”

According to numbers from the Insurance Bureau of Canada, eight out of 10 crashes in Canada are caused by distracted driving. In Ontario specifically, the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) recently stated that distracted driving is the leading cause of road deaths for the fourth consecutive year.

eBrake is still in final testing, and is preparing for a North American launch “in the near future.”

Source: CNW