Google Home can now stream music uploaded to Google Play Music

Google Home

Google Home is now capable of streaming music uploaded directly to Google Play Music, not just free radio stations or the platform’s complete library (only if you’re a subscriber).

This will likely be welcome news for anyone who has a large library of downloaded music they’re still clinging to. It’s worth noting that prior to this update, using Play Music with Home without a paid account was somewhat limiting.

Home also gives preference to uploaded and purchased tracks and prioritizes them over random radio mixes when requesting a specific artist.

Google says that this new functionality is rolling out to all regions where Google Home is available, including Canada. While multi-user support still isn’t officially available with the Canadian version of Google Home, it is possible to access the feature by switching Google Assistant’s language settings on with Android device.

It’s still unclear when multi-user support will officially launch in Canada.

Source: Google