Google Photos’ newest feature will create a stunning musical tribute to your pet

Google Photos

If you’ve ever met a dog or cat owner (or are one yourself), you’ll know that about the only thing they take pictures of is their pet. I’m certainly guilty of doing just that, but then who could blame me; my cat is a cutie.

That’s a major reason why I’m one of the many people losing their mind over a recently discovered Easter Egg within Google Photos.

Over at the Android subreddit, a user named Mars posted a notification Google Photos recently sent to him. The message reads “Your new movie is ready,” followed by “Check out ‘Doggie Movie.'” The accompanying video seems pretty standard at first. Mars, like any decent dog lover, takes a lot of photos of his floof. We see the two in a variety of situations, enjoying each other’s company.

Then you turn on the sound.

I’m not one to turn to hyperbole, but it’s fair to say that the music Google Photo decided to add to the proceedings is magical. Rather than try to describe it in words, I’ll let the video do the borking.

With 339 comments and 2523 upvotes, the topic became one of the most popular posts on the Android subreddit earlier this week.

Movies made by Google Photos focus on the important people in our lives, but we haven’t fur-gotten about pets! Now, if you take lots of photos of your dog or cat, you may get a movie celebrating your pet in all their paw-some-ness,” said a spokesperson for Google when asked about the recently added feature.

According to the company, the feature works when creating videos dedicated both to dogs and cat. In addition, users can create their own musical tributes, as well as alter the music that plays when Photos automatically creates one, by navigating to the ‘Upbeat’ section of the theme music section. There are six different songs pet-themed to choose from, each wonderful in their own right.