Pixel 2 XL tipped to feature always-on display, ‘squeezing’ feature and screen profiles

Google Pixel

Following the release of a render created by Android Police based on sources close to Google’s Pixel 2 XL project, more information about the still unannounced phone has appeared online.

The latest Pixel leak, this time stemming from an unnamed source cited by XDA Developers, indicates that the Pixel XL 2 will feature an OLED display measuring in at 5.99-inches, with always-on display functionality similar to what we’ve seen in the Galaxy S7, S8, LG G5 and G6.

The report also corroborates an earlier rumour originating on Android Police that stated the Pixel XL 2 will feature HTC U11-like pressure-sensitive sides that are capable of activating specific features like Google Assistant and other settings.

Perhaps most interestingly, XDA’s source also claims that the Pixel 2 will feature display profiles like sRGB and Vivid that are available under the phone’s standard screen settings.

The Pixel 2’s specific Android skin is also tipped to be darker than the stock version of Android O; the current developer version of O features light colouring.

Given the recent rumours surrounding the Pixel seem to only pertain to the Pixel XL, it’s possible Google is opting to significantly differentiate both the XL and the regular sized Pixel this year.

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Source: XDA Developers