Gboard beta update includes new incognito mode


The latest update for the Gboard beta version 6.4.11 comes with an added feature that was thought to only be on the Android O version of the Gboard application: Gboard’s incognito mode.

While browsing in the incognito mode in Chrome with Gboard, the spy glasses and hat will appear in the background and the words typed won’t be remembered in the Gboard history.

However, according to Android Police, typing in other text fields like passwords and login screens the feature doesn’t work. Furthermore the feature doesn’t work in any other apps as of right now, but there is no telling whether it may expand in the future.

Additionally the updated Gboard beta app added a new GIF shortcut. Though in my opinion it’s unnecessary to add another way to use GIFs since there are now three ways to insert GIFs with the Gboard.

Another update to the Gboard app is a slight tweak — the ‘Custom’ and ‘Recently used’ sections have been combined to create a new section called ‘My Themes,’ which offers a reorganization of the way users browse themes.

Source: Android Police