APK teardown reveals Inbox app might receive two new updates

Inbox app

A couple of new features are set to hit the Android version of Google’s Inbox app, according to an APK teardown from Android Police. The APK reveals that ‘Highlights’ and ‘Reply and follow-up suggestions,’ are two possible new functionalities coming to the app.

Highlights brings high-priority emails to the top of the inbox for easy access. Currently, it’s unknown how the Inbox will sort important emails, though the app will likely take many different factors into consideration.

Additionally, it looks like there will be a new button that allows users to mark messages that they don’t want accessed by the Highlights feature. The APK also reveals that the functionality is optional and can be turned off.

The ‘Reply and follow-up suggestions’ feature follows emails that users might have forgotten about, such as emails that the user never replied to or have been sent out but never received reply to yet.

The Inbox notifies the user after a specified amount of time, reminding them to check follow up if needed. Like the Highlights feature this too is optional and can be turned off.

It’s unclear if these new updates will also come to the iOS version of Inbox.

Source: Android Police