Google Duo has been downloaded more than 100 million times across Android and iOS

Image of Google Duo app icon

Google Duo has been downloaded more 100 million times across Android and iOS, according to Amit Fulay, head of product at Google.

Fulay announced the milestone on Saturday afternoon. It comes just prior to the video calling app’s one-year anniversary on August 16th. Duo hit its most recent prior milestone in May when Google announced the app had been downloaded more than 50 million times.

It’s an impressive milestone, to be sure, especially given the fact that the number of Duo downloads has doubled in two months. However, as Android Authority points out, even if an Android user downloads and subsequently deletes an app off of their smartphone, that install still counts towards the app’s total download count (multiple reinstalls, however, do not change an app’s download count).

Moreover, since this past December, Android OEMs have been required to preload the app on any devices they ship to consumers. As such, anytime someone activates a new Android device, Duo’s download number, as well as the download number of every other app that comes pre-installed on a device, increases, even if the user never launches them.

Indeed, notably missing from this week’s announcement is any information on monthly active users. Until Google releases that information, we won’t know just how well Duo is doing.

Source: Twitter Via: Android Authroity