Samsung confirms Galaxy Note 8 will be revealed in late August

Note 7

Samsung’s often-rumoured Galaxy Note 8 is set to be revealed in August, according to the company’s global chief DJ Koh, as originally reported by Taiwanese publication ePrice

Koh, however, stopped short of revealing the device’s exact launch date, though rumours point to an August 23rd to 26th reveal and an early September release. He did state that some regions will get the phone later, pushing the release date to October.

Back in January Koh revealed, in an interview with CNET, that the Note 7 would still be released, despite the Note 7’s disastrous launch and subsequent two recalls. At the time, Koh described the Note 8 as “innovative.”

The Note 8 is set to launch ahead of competitors like LG, which is expected to drop the LG V30 on August 31st, as well as Apple, which will likely launch its next iPhone in September.

Samsung recently released a special fan edition of the Note 7 exclusively in South Korea. Following an extensively inquiry as well as the implementation of a new multi-point battery inspection system, Samsung confirmed that multiple factors caused the Note 7’s overheating issues.

Specifically, the company found that two distinct problems caused the Note 7’s battery issues. The first battery used in the Note 7 suffered from a design flaw that caused its upper right corner to short circuit. This is because the battery’s external casing was too small for its internal components, causing it to short-circuit and ignite, according to Samsung.

The second battery — which was supplied by a different company, not Samsung SDI — suffered from a welding defect that occurred during the manufacturing process, causing the battery to heat up, as well as catch fire in some cases.

Source: ePrice