Uber Canada partners with Share the Road to educate Ontario drivers and cyclists on safety

Bicycles on bike path near car

Uber Canada has partnered with non-profit organization Share the Road to educate both drivers and cyclists in Toronto and Ottawa about road safety.

Driver partners and riders in both cities will receive information to help prevent collisions, such as remembering to keep bike lanes clear and watching for bicyclists. Uber says new information on cycle safety will be featured in the apps for drivers each week.

For cyclists, Uber will be offering educational Share the Road videos and safety information materials in its various Greenlight Hub support locations across the Greater Toronto Area and Ottawa.

The two companies have also shared tips that anyone should follow when driving or cycling, including:

  • Respect that cyclists are also legally permitted to use the road and be courteous to them while driving
  • Be mindful of surroundings and check over shoulders and blind spots for possible cyclists
  • Yield to pedestrians and bicyclists who are in and/or entering crosswalks.
  • Look out of incoming cyclists before opening a car door
  • It is illegal for vehicles to stop in bike lanes, so park or pull over elsewhere
  • Only pass bicyclists when it is safe to do so and leave at least one metre of space

“Anyone who bikes in Toronto or Ottawa knows that busy congested roads are a real safety concern,” said Sheldon McCormick, general manager of Uber Ontario, in a press release. “At Uber, we’re committed to making sure the streets of our cities are as safe as possible for people in cars, on foot and on bicycles alike. That’s why we’re partnering with Share the Road to connect Uber driver partners and riders with valuable safety information that can help save lives.”

“Cycling can be a fun, convenient and affordable way to commute and exercise, but we know that Ontarians are concerned about safety,” said Jamie Stuckless, executive director, Share the Road, in a press release. “This partnership is an opportunity for us to get important road safety information into the hands of thousands of driver partners at Uber and ensure that people get the space and respect they deserve while out on their bikes.”

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Source: Newswire