VarageSale is perfect for your online garage sale needs [App of the Week]

VarageSale is a reselling website that removes much of the inconspicuousness that often stems from private transactions on platforms like Craigslist and Kijiji.

The platform requires Facebook registration before using the application and also includes the user’s Facebook image as their account’s avatar. Though it’s possible to change your picture, you can’t change your name within the app. Additionally, users are able to include additional information about themselves, allowing potential buyers to have a greater understanding of the person they’re dealing with.


To start, users are required to join communities, where the admin of the community approves the application. Once you’re accepted into a community, you can start selling items, though it’s only possible to purchase from users within your community. The size of the community depends on the geographical area, as I’m part of the Oshawa/Whitby region that consists of two complete cities, while the Toronto West End community only features a section of the city.

It’s easy to sell things on VarageSale; post an image, set a reasonable asking price, write a description, list to specific communities and decide what categories you’d like to include. VarageSale also allows its users to snap photos of what they’re looking for, allowing other users to message them to let them know if they have the item or not.


Buying is also a simple task, with users being able to message sellers and decide on a price and meet-up location. The possibilities for the hand-off of sales is endless and in some cases means you never even need to meet the other person; for example, you could leave a shirt in a mailbox and the buyer leaves money in its place.

If the money isn’t there, a user can report the transaction to the administrator, and since Facebook accounts are linked to account, that user can be tracked.

VarageSale’s app is available for free on iOS and Android devices.