New Google Chrome version eliminates vibrating ads

One of the browser's most annoying issues is fixed with Chrome 60

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The latest build of Chrome brings with it a fix to one of its most frustrating issues: vibrating ads.

Vibrating ads, for those who are unfamiliar, are those that hijack a user’s smartphone and make it vibrate while they attempt to close the page. Often this can be so disconcerting that users end up clicking somewhere in the ad out of a desire to make it stop, thus downloading malware.

This phenomena grew out of the Web Vibration API, which gives web pages license to use vibration and was designed to be used with games or other interactive content. With Chrome 60, however, web pages will only be able to vibrate the phone when a user first taps on the page.

Additionally, the company has made changes to broaden the use of its PaymentRequest API. The API allows web pages to use a phone’s mobile payments platform to make purchases. Until this build, users couldn’t change what payment platform the browser used, but now Chrome is putting in place the framework to allow any payment app to work.

This could potentially result in users being able to pay with Samsung Pay through the Chrome browser, but it’s still unclear whether the Korean company will take advantage of the new API.

Chrome 60 also comes along with a new search widget that allows for the use of any search engine, created following an anti-trust ruling in Russia. The new widget will eventually replace the normal Google widget in that country.

Chrome 60 is in the process of rolling out, but those who would rather not wait can find the APK here.

Source: Android Police/APK Mirror