Bell wireless revenues jump 12.9 percent in Q2, subscribers hit 8,901,291

Blended ARPU is $67.28


Coming off strong Q1 2017 results with wireless revenues jumping 7.1 percent, Bell has topped this number through what it’s calling “another excellent quarter of financial performance.”

Wireless revenues grew by an astonishing 12.9 percent to $1.959 billion CAD, an increase from $1.735 billion in 2016.

Three months ago Bell had a total of 8,144,936 wireless subscribers. In its latest earnings, the company racked up thousands of new subscribers as its total subscriber base is now 8,901,291, up 7.5 percent. As of June 30th, postpaid customers now number 8,126,264, while prepaid customers come in at 775,027. The numbers include the MTS subscribers, which is reportedly “meeting acquisition expectations.”

Postpaid customer churn decreased 0.07 percentage points to 1.08 percent in Q2.


Blended ARPU (average revenue per user) increased 4.6 percent to $67.28. Bell stated in its report that the increase was due to LTE data usage and subscribers hooked up on rate plans with larger data thresholds.

Bell noted that the “average LTE subscriber consumed more than 2GB of data per month in Q2, up 26% year-over-year.”

85 percent of Bell’s postpaid subscribers use its LTE network, which now reaches “almost 98% of Canadians.” Additionally, Bell’s LTE-A network now reaches 81 percent of the Canadian population.

Source: BCE