Rogers discounts Galaxy S8 to $0 during Forward to School sales event

Fido has also discounted a trio of LG phones led by the G6 to $0

Comparison of Galaxy S8 and S7

With the start of a new school year mere weeks away, Rogers and flanker brand Fido have launched a new set of hardware-related back-to-school deals.

As part of the promotion, Rogers has discounted the Galaxy S8 to $0 on a two-year Share Everything Premium+ Tab plan, for the first time since the carrier started carrying the Samsung smartphone earlier this year.

Canada’s largest carrier has also discounted the Galaxy S8+ and Galaxy S7 edge to $99 on a Premium Tab plan. Additionally, consumers can purchase either of the two smartphones for $0 when they trade in an eligible device.

Lastly, the Galaxy S7 is available for $0 on a Premium Tab plan. Consumers looking to buy a tablet can get the Galaxy Tab E LTE for $49 when they add it to their Share Everything plan as a $10 add-on.

It’s possible to combine these promotions with two other deals Rogers currently has available.

First, consumers who activate their new device online are not required to pay the usual $20 connection fee. Second, those who activate a device online will get a coupon that they can put toward 15 percent off select accessories.

Meanwhile, Fido has discounted a trio of LG phones to $0. The LG G6 is available for $0 on one of the carrier’s “large” plans, while the LG G5 and LG X Power are $0 on “medium” and “small” plans, respectively.

Correction: This story originally said the S7 is available for $0 on a Premium+ Tab plan and the S7 edge is $99 on a Premium+ plan. However, these prices only apply to Premium plans, not the Premium+ plans.

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