SaskTel adds new shareMORE Canada and U.S. plan, offers 5GB for $80

SaskTel is joining Bell, Telus and others in offering a Canada-U.S. plan

sasktel LTE

Saskatchewan’s regional Crown carrier, SaskTel, has added a new Canada and U.S. data plan option.

The new Canada and U.S. option offers data and unlimited calling and text for use in both countries without extra roaming fees, joining U.S.-Canada offerings available through major Canadian carriers, including Bell, Telus and Videotron.

The plans start at $75 CAD for 1GB, then jump to 5GB for $80 and 10GB for $90. The plans extend to 50GB for $220, and include the monthly cost of a premium phone on contract if the subscriber so chooses — though the down-payment remains steep for phones like the Samsung Galaxy S8+.

sasktel sharemore plans

Comparatively, a 5GB Canada-U.S. premium contract plan with Telus is $120, while at Bell a Canada-U.S. premium contract plan with 4GB comes in at $130.

Additional Canada and U.S. lines added on top of the data-carrying line are $70 per number.

SaskTel notes that any customer who subscribes to a shareMORE Canada and U.S. plan on contract must stay on the plan until their contract expires, though the account holder can increase or decrease their data bucket size at any time. Of course, opting out and paying an early cancellation fee is still an option.

Source: SaskTel