UVLens helps protect against the harshness of the sun [App of the Week]


Tired of getting burned in the sun? UVLens is the perfect application for those who want to know exactly when to apply sun block.


Upon opening UVLens, it will ask for permission to use your phone’s location services, after which it will open its home page.

The home page displays the temperature for the day, how long you will need to be protected for, as well as show you when you will need the most protection. Users also can check the UV concentration for the following night and the next day.


A swipe to the right from the home page leads to a page dubbed “my skin.” This page allows users to provide the app with additional information, so it can better help them. The app asks that users insert their gender, eye colour, skin colour, hair colour and whether or not they have freckles.

Users can also tell the app whether their skin typically burns in the sun, if their skin tans, how deeply they tan and how sensitive is their face is to the sun.

Under the my skin tab, users can also tap on the sunscreen icon to add the type of sun screen they’re applying to their skin. Once UVLens knows the SPF rating of your sunscreen and any activities you’re doing, it provides a more accurate estimate of how long you can go before reapplying sunscreen to your skin.


After adding information about the sunscreen you’re using, UVLens will provide a more accurate estimate of how long your skin is protected against the sun. It will also send you a notification when it’s time to reapply your sunscreen.

Lastly, inside of the settings pane users can set whether the app displays the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit, as well as where it shows the numerical UV index. Signing into the app will save any settings.

UVLens is available to download for free on iOS and Android devices.