Koodo offered user 8GB/$49 through retention program


A Koodo customer reportedly received 7GB of data for $48 CAD, according to a post on Red Flag Deals.

According to the post, the user called Koodo to cancel a plan in order to switch to Freedom Mobile. After “about 20 minutes” of waiting on hold, the Koodo representative offered the Red Flag Deals user 7GB of data for $48, as well as an additional 1GB of data for an extra $1.

Koodo also offered 1,000 long-distance minutes at no extra cost.

According to the post, the user has been a Koodo customer since 2014, and was calling to cancel their $40 Ontario plan.

It doesn’t appear that this particular offer is a promotion — just an attempt by the Koodo retentions department to maintain a customer. However, a few other Red Flag Deals users were able to secure the deal.

As it stands, it seems that, if you’re interested in this offer, you’ll have to call Koodo and try your luck.

Update 29/08/17: Koodo has tweeted on its official Twitter account that the retention plan posted about on Red Flag Deals doesn’t exist. It’s unclear if it, or a plan similar to it, formerly existed.

Source: Red Flag Deals Via: iPhone in Canada