Upcoming mobile MMO Game of Thrones: Conquest is now available for pre-registration

game of thrones

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and HBO Global Licensing have announced a new mobile game dubbed Game of Thrones: Conquest. The upcoming massive multiplayer online (MMO) game is now available for pre-registration here.

GoT: Conquest, developed by Turbine, lets the player control their own powerful house in the political continent of Westeros. The player and their house will try to claim the Iron Throne and will meet characters such as Mother of Dragons Daenarys Targaryen, Tyrion Lannister and Jon Snow throughout the game.

Throughout the game players will use either deception, or sheer force in an attempt to wear the crown. GoT: Conquest allows players to rule their house however they choose. Some may choose to use giant powerful armies, while others may want to use small councils to attempt to destroy their enemies from within. Within the game, players will have to defend their houses from other players or form alliances as they fight to control the Seven Kingdoms.

Players who pre-register for GoT: Conquest will get the ‘Prepare for War Bundle,’ which will include exclusive Night’s Watch training gear, as well as gold and resources to help them win the fight for Iron Throne.

GoT: Conquest is coming to the App Store and Google Play.