Opera Mini for iPhone gets a new AI-powered news feed

Opera Mini

Ahead of the official unveiling of the iPhone 8 next week, Opera has updated its Opera Mini browser on iOS.

The updated app features a new user interface that places an emphasis on the company’s signature red in its address and search bars.

Opera Mini's new user interface

Based on user data, Opera found that the majority of individuals use their mobile browser to complete searches and read the news. As such, many of the feature additions find in this latest version of Opera Mini focus on those interactions.

The new search bar, for instance, can scan QR codes and includes new options for search engine customization.

The new main page, meanwhile, will automatically surface top trending stories in the user’s area. Like a lot of other companies that dabble in surfacing new stories for users, Opera has turned to machine learning for its top news stories feature. The company says Opera Mini will become better at surfacing more personalized stories each the user launches the browser. Opera also promises news stories will load four times faster than on previous versions of the lightweight browser.

While the AI-specific features related to Opera Mini are not yet available in Canada, Canadian iPhone users can still download the updated browser.

Source: Opera