EB Games Canada offering double trade-in credit on games until October 1

EB Games

It looks like EB Games Canada is currently running a rather lucrative video game trade-in promotion.

The deal requires a specific coupon that’s available in-store and is only valid on up to two games. One post on RedFlagDeals mentions that with the promotion, they were able to get $64 CAD for Arms and $50 for Horizon Zero Dawn. Only one coupon is available to one customer per day.

The deal is also only valid on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch games, which means games for last-generation consoles like the Xbox 360 and PS3 can’t be traded in for this specific promotion.

RedFlagDeals users state that the coupons are often given with the purchase of products, though some EB Games locations also have them available on the counter.

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Thanks to Kadeam Cox for tipping us off about the promotion. 

Source: RedFlagDeals