Google to start rolling out improved Dashboard

Google logo on headquarters

Google’s working on making it easier to navigate your account settings.

The American search giant announced that it’s going to start rolling out an improved Dashboard aimed at improving usability on touchscreens.

“We also worked to make it easier to see an overview of the Google products you use and your data in each of them,” reads an excerpt from a September 8th, 2017 media release. “And we made the process for downloading data much easier.”

The Google Dashboard before (on the left) and the Google Dashboard after (on the right)

The company launched the Dashboard in 2009. The company launched its ‘My Account’ page in 2015, and it launched the ‘My Activity’ page in 2016.

The new Dashboard looks like it’s going to consolidate account details — including Gmail, Maps, and Contacts — in a more card-centric, Material Design-focused iteration.

“Building took that help people understand the data stored with their Google Account and control their privacy is a constantly evolving efforts,” reads another excerpt. “We’ll never stop working to refine and improve.”

Source: Google