Twitter is testing a new feature that makes it easier to launch into a tweetstorm

Twitter application on smartphone

Twitter looks to be testing a new tweetstorm feature within its Android app.

For those who don’t know, the act of tweetstorming is when someone sends out multiple tweets in a row because they’re sharing a thought that needs more than 140 characters. What individuals do to get around the current limitation is to reply to their own tweets in succession, so that anyone reading will see a long thread of tweets.

Twitter user ‘Devesh Logendran’ shared screenshots with TheNextWeb of a new feature that will remove the need to reply to one’s own tweets when tweetstorming.

Instead of a user needing to reply to their own tweets, it appears the new functionality will split text into individual tweets and show a tweet count at the end.

As of right now, not every Android Twitter app user has access to the feature. It’s also possible it may never leave the testing phase.

If you’re able to use the feature, tell us in the comment section. Until Twitter officially supports tweetstorms, the app Storm It, available on the Google Play Store and App Store, can serve in a pinch.

Source: TheNextWeb