Samsung Galaxy S9 may have a 1,000 fps camera

Samsung Galaxy S8 in hand

Samsung is reportedly working on a camera that can take up to 1,000 pictures a second. According to KoreaIT News, the South Korean tech giant is nearing completion of the testing phase, with mass production expected to begin in November.

Presumably, this is so Samsung can include the specialized camera into its upcoming Galaxy S9 smartphone, which will release sometime next year.

KoreaIT News says that Samsung is working on what it refers to as a “three-layered image sensor.” Normally, a camera sensor and a logic board are responsible for picture taking. Now, Samsung is adding a DRAM chip, which will allow for the camera to capture video at 1,000 fps.

So far, the smartphone that has a camera that gets the closest to this frame rate is the Sony Xperia XZ Premium, which is capable of capturing video at up to 960 fps.

While the Galaxy S9 is a ways off from now, Samsung recently released its Galaxy Note 8 smartphone. For more on the Note 8, check out MobileSyrup‘s review of the device.

Via: Android Authority