Amazon reportedly working on Alexa-powered smart glasses logo on building

Amazon is reportedly working on a pair of smart glasses powered by Alexa, the company’s digital assistant, according to the Financial Times.

The upcoming smart glasses will reportedly look like a regular pair of glasses and use bone-conduction technology that allows the user to hear Alexa without the use of speakers or headphones.

The glasses won’t have a screen or camera, says the report, an unusual choice that is especially odd considering Google Glass founder Babak Parviz has been working on the product since he was initially hired by Amazon in 2014.

Additionally, the report mentions that Amazon is also working on a home security camera that will be part of the Echo lineup of devices and could potentially pair with the Echo Show, which lets users view feeds from security cameras.

It’s possible that at least one of the products will arrive by the end of the year, according to the Financial Times’ sources. These products may come alongside a new Echo speaker considering the age of the previous one.

Until Alexa reaches north of the American border, however, it’s unlikely Canadians will see any of these products.

Source: Financial Times Via: The Verge