Nvidia drops Shield TV price to $229 in wake of Apple TV 4K launch

Nvidia Shield

In the wake of the release of Apple’s new 4K capable set-top box, Nvidia has revealed a new configuration of the Shield TV that’s set to retail for $229 CAD in Canada.

To be clear, this isn’t a massive cut, given that the standard version of the Shield TV currently retails for $279, but $50 off the original cost of the set-top box is still a good deal — there is one caveat, though. Unlike the Apple TV, the Shield TV previously included a game controller along with the remote.

This new configuration of the Shield TV features the same 16GB of storage, though it does not include game controller and instead only the standard remote. Given the $229 Apple’s TV 4K’s release, it makes sense for Nvidia to release a version of the Shield TV that also hits this price point.

While both competing devices are capable of 4K HDR streaming, only the Apple TV 4K features support for the latest high dynamic range (HDR) standards, Dolby Vision and HDR10 — the Shield TV on the other hand only supports HDR10. On the plus side, the Shield TV features 4K YouTube playback, as well as Amazon Prime Video, though the online retailer’s video streaming app is coming to the Apple TV, complete with 4K playback, in the near future.

While the Shield TV is a solid device, the set-top box’s limited retail availability in Canada has likely hurt its sales. Best Buy, Canada’s largest electronics retailer, does not carry the Nvidia Shield TV.

Canada Computers also sells a Pro version of the Shield TV for $389, while Amazon sells the same model for $365. It’s currently unclear where this version of the Shield TV will be available in Canada, though it is currently being sold via Nvidia’s website.

Source: Nvidia