Check out this video showing off the Tesla Model 3’s touchscreen

Tesla Model 3 Red and Silver

Tesla’s Model 3 is the company’s self-described attempt to break into the so-called ‘affordable’ automotive market. The car is significantly cheaper than both the Model X and the Model S, and its features — or lack thereof —  speaks to its affordable nature.

That being said, while the the Model 3 eschews a number of the Model S’s and the Model X’s design features, the Model 3 does carry forward Tesla’s trademark property: the touchscreen cabin console. Unlike its older siblings, however, the Model 3 doesn’t feature a 17-inch touchscreen; instead, it’s got a 15-inch model that’s positioned horizontally instead of vertically.

Now, thanks to a video out of Austin, Texas, we’ve been able to get our best look yet at the Model 3’s touchscreen console.

You’ll notice right off the bat that the Model 3’s cabin looks almost askew in comparison to both the Model S and Model X, as well as most conventional vehicles. That’s because, unlike almost every single consumer-grade vehicle, the Model 3 doesn’t have a traditional dashboard — in fact, it doesn’t have a dashboard at all.

Instead, speed information, rotations-per-minute, and other minute details like engine temperature, etc. are all conveyed through the touchscreen console.

The console also gives users control over media, navigation, seating, internal and external lighting, temperature, wipers, and almost everything else you’d expect in a normal car.

The Model 3 is available to purchase now, and is estimated to ship within “12 to 18 months.”

Source: Jalopnik