Instagram adds ‘poll sticker’ feature to Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories

Instagram is introducing a new ‘poll sticker’ feature to Stories. The functionality allows users to ask a question and view results from friends and followers as they vote for their favourite answers.

This allows users to interact directly through Instagram stories, without the need for direct messaging.

The process of sharing a two-option poll is simple; After taking a photo or video, select the ‘poll’ sticker and place it anywhere on the picture. Following this, users can write their own questions and customize poll choices. After sharing the poll, followers have the option to vote and in real time, can see which answer is in the lead.

To view poll results, users are just required to swipe up on that part of the story, which will displays how many votes each answer received, as well as to view who voted for each option.

This is the first interactive feature that’s been added to Instagram stories. Further, the update features two new advanced tools for stories, a colour picker and an alignment tool for text and stickers.

Additionally on iOS whenever a user attempts to position text or a sticker on a video or photo, blue ruler lines appear to help with positioning. The new feature will also help users avoid placing stickers and text in areas where they may be covered up.

This update to Instagram stories is available on iOS and Android as part of Instagram version 16.

Source: Instagram