Stranger Things gets its own game for Android and iOS

Netflix Original series, Stranger Things, which is about to release its second season, now has its own Android and iOS mobile game.

Stranger Things: The Game is fuelled by nostalgia in nearly every imaginable way, taking a cue from the popular Netflix series. The game resembles classic gaming titles like Megaman, Pokémon Red or Blue, and The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. It even features retro style music and the app’s icon is shaped like a retro game cartridge.

Stranger Things: The Game, developed by BonusXP, features many of the characters from the Stranger Things television show, allowing players to take on the role of chief Hopper, Lucas, Nancy Wheeler, Mike Wheeler and more. Each of the characters also utilizes different abilities, such as Lucas’ who takes on foes with a sling shot.

The game lets users go into the ‘Upside Down,’ a variety of places around town, and sometimes requires the player to come back after solving a puzzle.

Stranger Things: The Game is available for free on Android and iOS, and Strangers Things season 2 premieres October 27th.