Bell partners with Akamai to offer web security solutions for Canadian businesses

Bell logo on sign

Bell has announced a partnership with content delivery and cloud security services company Akami to offer web security and performance solutions to Canadian businesses.

Together, Bell and Akamai aim to identify and prevent security threats, as well as optimize the performance and availability of network and web services for businesses.

The companies aim to to do this in the following three ways:

  • Cloud Security Solutions — offering enhanced security for websites and data centres, which is intended to reduce the risk of downtime and data theft
  • Media & Delivery Solutions — simplified workflow and delivering high-quality online video and other media
  • Web Performance — Ensuring websites deliver content and applications more efficiently

“Bell delivers the integrated solutions Canadian businesses need to increase productivity, maximize service differentiation and minimize risk in today’s challenging operating environment,” said Giovanni Sansalone, vice president of product management for Bell Business Markets in a press statement. “Adding the services of an industry leader like Akamai to the Bell portfolio enables customers to optimize their web presence on Bell’s secure and reliable networks.”

Source: Canada Newswire