Infani is a super high-tech baby spy cam [Sticky or Not]

Do you have a baby genius liable to make a break from their crib?

Infani could be the device for you. About the size of a standing lamp, the monitor users an IR illuminator, HD camera and doppler radar paired with AI smarts to track your baby. It then livestreams this feed to an accompanying app on your smartphone, along with information about temperature, humidity and breaths per minute.

It’s one of the most comprehensive, high-tech home monitors that a parent could invest in, and while I joked about babies making a break from the crib above, the ability to monitor breathing is of equal, if not higher, importance to young parents who might worry about SIDS.

Since I have no baby in the house (apart from my fur-son Colby, who had no interest in being monitored), I tried out Infani on myself, setting it up next to my bed in order to keep a beady eye on my sleep cycle.

The device was easy to put together and set up, pairing via Wi-Fi to an app on my phone. While there was about a second of lag between the streaming video on the Infani app, I was impressed by the wide angle (102° diagonal, 77° horizontal and 56° vertical) capture of its 1280 x 960 Sony sensor with a high-resolution lens.

It was perhaps too high resolution for this faux baby, in fact, who would rather not have all her facial blemishes captured in such stunning clarity. For a real parent, however, this sort of hyper-defined image would no doubt be a blessing.

With ‘Care Mode’ turned on, the app gave alerts when I left my bed, sending a message that read “Rose needs your help!” — surely terrifying to a parent, but certainly useful when the baby isn’t detected or they aren’t breathing. This mode can be turned off, however, which would be especially useful if the camera didn’t cover the entirety of the crib.

In the app, you can also look back at the last 30 minutes of action in order to playback and download the video to your device. In the ‘Reports’ section of the app, you can see the amount of deep sleep your baby had over the night (judged by breaths per minute), as well as periods of movement and times when they were out of view of the camera. This information can further be compiled into a seven-day report — useful for anyone, not just babies.

Of course, you’ve also got old school functionality: audio, via dual digital microphones.

Right now the Infani monitor is available for pre-order on Kickstarter starting at $259 CAD.

Verdict: Sticky.

Infani is on the pricier side for baby monitors, sure, but the level of detail it offers is staggering. You could certainly breathe easy after checking the app to make sure all was right with your little one.

In fact, even as an adult I found the sleeping logs far more detailed and accurate than what’s offered by various apps on the market; there could be a secondary demographic for this product that includes sleep apnea sufferers.

Thankfully, that’s not me. According to Infani, I slept like a baby.