Team Rocket blasts off again in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon

Should we expect more Kanto surprises?

The upcoming core Pokémon games, Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon have been rumoured to be making a return to the Kanto region for a number of months.

While those early leaks have died down, these new images have added more fuel to past rumours.

Pokemon Ultra sun data card

The most recent leak shows off the download card for Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon, which confirms that Team Rocket will be expectedly in the game. This information comes from the reliable Pokémon blog site, Serebii. Currently the leak only shows an image of  Team Rocket members in battle, with half of the name cut off and an image of the organizations headquarters.

Earlier rumours showed off a location that resembled Lt. Surge’s Pokémon gym from the original Pokémon Red and Blue (or Green) games.

Pokemon Ultra Sun

In Pokémon Ultra and Sun and Moon the player is able to jump through wormholes with their legendary pals, Solgaleo and Lunala. It’s possible that one of the wormholes leads to another form of the Kanto region.

It’d be a nice touch on Game Freak’s part to bring players back to the Kanto Region for the last Pokémon game on the Nintendo 3DS.

Both games release on November 17th. Stay tuned to MobileSyrup for more news about Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon.

Source: Serebii