Google CEO Sundar Pichai promises to ‘drop everything’ to look into burger emoji

Conflicting emojis have left consumers rather cheesed off

What came first — the burger or the cheese? This is the hard-hitting question trending on the internet right now.

The debate started when author Thomas Baekdal took to Twitter to compare the burger emojis offered on Apple and Google’s smartphones. Shockingly enough, the emojis found on each tech giant’s platform feature one small but crucial difference: the placement of the cheese.

As seen below, Apple’s emoji has the cheese on top of the burger, while the cheese is located beneath the patty in Google’s emoji.

Upon hearing his customers’ cheesy complaints, Google CEO Sundar Pichai took to Twitter to reassure everyone that the company’s doing everything it can to set the matter straight.

However, as of 3pm ET on Monday, Pichai has not yet spoken up about this critical issue, suggesting that Google did not, in fact, drop everything it was doing to address the situation.

With Google remaining mum on the debacle, Twitter users have started to cook up their own answers regarding #burgeremoji.

According to American food magazine Bon Appetit, the cheese definitely goes on top, as there is only one “correct” way to put a burger together.

Others think that Google was clever to place the cheese beneath the meat.

Some Twitter users argued that neither Google nor Apple have gotten the burger emoji right, instead suggesting that only Microsoft truly understands what to do with the cheese.

That said, author Ben Thompson says that while Microsoft may have nailed where the cheese goes on the burger, the emoji as a whole still could use some work.

Another Twitter user, meanwhile, pointed out that Huawei has only made the issue even more complicated, featuring burger emojis that don’t have any cheese at all.

Others have taken to examining emojis on all platforms, instead opting to consider which actually of the burgers actually looks good enough to eat.

Fast food giants have thrown their hats into the ring as well.

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