Amazon Canada will be selling the SNES Classic Edition later today

SNES Classic

Amazon Canada has announced that it will be selling the SNES Classic Edition later today.

The online retail giant has confirmed that Nintendo’s miniature retro console will go live exclusively for Amazon Prime members at 9am PT/12pm ET. While Amazon didn’t specify, it will presumably only be offering “limited quantities” for Prime members to purchase.


Amazon’s SNES Classic Edition product page can be viewed here.

At a cost of $79 CAD per year, Amazon Prime offers members free two-day shipping and other exclusive offers.

The SNES Classic, meanwhile, costs $99 CAD and includes 21 pre-installed games, including Super Mario World and The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. 

Since releasing on September 29th, the system has sold out rather quickly whenever it has become available at retailers. Therefore, it’s recommended that you sign into your account in advance and ensure you payment and shipping information is all up to date. This will help reduce the time when checking out and help secure a console.

It’s worth noting that the SNES Classic has been restocked multiple times in the relatively short time since release, an improvement over the even rarer NES Classic from last year. Best Buy, for instance, has sold the SNES Classic the last three consecutive Fridays.

Stock does seem to be at least somewhat more consistent, at least comparatively speaking. That said, the systems do sell out within mere minutes, so they’re still by no means easy to get.

Source: Amazon Canada