Apple to accept walk-in iPhone X reservations in Canada on November 4

Apple is opening its ‘Reserve and Pickup’ retail system in Canada and several other countries for the iPhone X.

The dedicated Canadian Reserve and Pickup page states that reservations for the iPhone X will re-open at 6am (in all Canadian time zones) on November 4th.

The process allows customers to reserve an iPhone X at a physical Apple store by completing a short online form. The form then provides the buyer with a unique registration code, which they can use to complete the transaction once they travel to the store. The website doesn’t specify what the exact window of time is for pick-ups, though some media outlets are reporting it could be as slim as 30 minutes. 

It’s unclear whether Apple is setting aside specific stock for Reserve and Pickup customers. The device is expected to be extremely limited in stock, with the company itself urging walk-in customers to “arrive early” on November 3rd should they want to secure a handset.

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Source: Apple Via: Apple Insider