Users are reporting freezing issues with the Galaxy Note 8

Samsung Note 8

Users of the Google Pixel 2 XL are not the only ones experiencing issues with their smartphone. Owners of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 have also been noting some issues with the flagship device.

According to comments on the U.S. Community page, via Android Police, users have been noticing that certain apps will cause the Note 8 to freeze up.

A Note 8 user started a thread suggesting the issue was connected to calling, however others on thread had reported the issue happening with a number of other apps and functions, such as: using speed dial, tapping on contacts in the phone or messages app, loading an Excel spreadsheet, opening contacts, using Pokemon Go, Chrome, the Google app, charging over night, opening the phone app and more.

Additionally, it appears the problem is not connected to any carrier as it was reported that users from three of the major U.S. carriers had been experiencing problems. It also doesn’t seem to be related to any specific country as users from U.S., Hungary and Spain have reported issues of freezing.

No user on any of the threads reporting the issue has seem to mentioned if they are Canadian, however.

If you are experiencing the issue, let us know in the comments, go directly to Samsung’s contact page, or report your experience on the community thread. 

Source: User Community page, Android Police