Tim Hortons offering free coffee rewards in its mobile app

The best place on Earth just became better

Tim Hortons restaurant

Tim Hortons — the greatest place on Earth — recently rolled out its mobile order and pay feature on iOS and Android. This basically gives coffee and tea addicted customers the option to skip the line and feed their habit faster.

Last month, in conjunction with National Coffee Day, Tim Hortons offered up 1 million free coffees to those Canadians who downloaded the app.

What now seems to be an ongoing promo and rare deed for Tim Hortons, the fast food chain has decided to finally reward its customers by offering a free coffee when they place three orders.

Tim Hortons

Certainly, this is something to consider for those loyal Timmies customers who are still stuck in line. Tim Hortons says this reward system will be available for ‘a limited time’ but the fine print notes it will be here until December 31st, 2017.

Tim Hortons mobile order app is available on Android and iOS.