Samsung’s latest commercial suggests iPhone users should grow up

iphone x

Smartphone manufacturers have been battling it out for the past decade taking small, but very targeted, jabs at each other.

We’ve seen Samsung go after Apple, Nokia take on Sony and HTC. Even newcomer OnePlus recently hopped into the ring by stating it has the courage to keep the 3.5mm headphone jack.

The most recent commercial is once again Samsung with a hard sell towards Apple enthusiasts. In the ad ‘Growing up,’ Samsung takes the glory of the original iPhone launch in 2007 with a loyal owner sticking by the brand through 10 years.

The one-minute bit showcases how Samsung listens to its customers and highlights how the iPhone 3GS lack of internal storage, iPhone 5s omits its stylus and all the way up to the iPhone 7 for not being water-resistant, nor coming with a headphone jack or fast charging.

Eventually, the iPhone user gets bored and switches to the Galaxy Note 8 and casually walks past people lining up the iPhone X.


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