Purchase Google Wi-Fi and Google Home together and save $120

Google Home

Google has bundled its Google Home and its Google Wi-Fi mesh router system.

If a customer adds the Google Home and the Google Wi-Fi into their cart, the total cost drops from the usual $619.99 CAD plus tax to $499.99 plus tax.

Google Home is a Google-branded smartspeaker that utilizes the Google Assistant. Users can say “Okay Google” around the room to activate the Google Home and use it like an Android handset.

Google Wi-Fi is a mesh router system comprised of three signal boosters that connects to a normal modem. Once connected, Google Wi-Fi is capable of more evenly distributed a Wi-Fi signal throughout a home as it connects with each of the other boosters.

You can check out the bundle here. The promotion started on November 3rd, 2017 and ends November 22nd, 2017.