OnePlus 5T will not feature wireless charging, says company’s CEO

OnePlus 5 on arm of couch

Pete Lau, the CEO of OnePlus, has written a post on OnePlus’ forum revealing that the OnePlus 5T will not have wireless charging, and explaining the reasoning behind this choice.

Essentially, Lau believes that a Dash Charger is a better alternative when compared to wireless charging for two key reasons.

First off, Lau points to the fact that wired charging is quantitatively better than wireless charging. Dash charging produces 20 watts of power in half an hour, while “some of the best” wireless chargers promise 15 watts of power, but only if the user positions the device correctly on the charging pad.

He continues by acknowledging one benefit of wireless charging — that certain wireless charger pads can support more than one handset at a time — but points out that more devices further divide the number of watts each products gets and increases the charging time of each phone.

Additionally Lau explains, while wireless charging seems like an “attractive” option at first, users can’t use their device for gaming or taking photos while charging. Meanwhile Dash charging allows for all of the above-mentioned activities — while keeping the device cool and efficient — and only the cable and the adapter are necessary for travelling.

Lau says that OnePlus considered wireless charging for its upcoming smartphone, but when it came down to it, decided that Dash Charge provided a better experience than wireless charging.

Source: OnePlus