Strange green line shows up on edge of some iPhone X displays

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Amid reports iPhone X’s display becomes unresponsive in cold weather, it looks like Apple’s latest flagship device is experiencing other screen related issues as well.

A handful of users are reporting in iPhone’s subreddit that they’re running into instances where either the left or the right edge of the smartphone’s display has a green line running down its edge. To be clear, the line doesn’t seem to be affecting the functionality of the iPhone X’s OLED display, but it certainly is annoying — especially for a phone priced at $1,319 CAD.

It’s unclear how widespread the problem is, or if there’s a software-fixable solution similar to the device’s cold weather issue. It seems that simply turning the phone on and off, as well as a hard reset, does not solve the problem. Apple has also yet to comment on the issue.

In some sense, it’s not surprising Apple is running into minor issues with the iPhone X’s display given the smartphone is the first from the company to feature an OLED screen. It’s also possible that Samsung, the tech giant’s display supplier, hasn’t yet nailed down the manufacturing process for the iPhone X’s unique, custom screen.

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Source: Reddit Via: Engadget