Apple is developing laser-based 3D sensor technology for future iPhones, says report

iPhone X

Despite the fact that the dust has only just settled following the launch of the iPhone X (I’m still sending Animoji to everyone in my contact list), rumours about Apple’s inevitable 2019 iPhone iteration are already appearing.

Bloomberg is now reporting that Apple is developing a new “3D sensor” designed for the rear of the smartphone that will improve the capabilities of the company’s ARKit augmented reality platform.

The system will operate by firing lasers out of the device and measuring the amount of time it takes for the corresponding reflection to construct a depth map. This depth information is currently gathered through the smartphone’s dual-camera system, as well as the iPhone X’s infrared dot powered Face ID system. Google also manages to accomplish depth-mapping with the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL through dual pixel technology.

It’s assumed that Apple’s new laser-powered system would result in more precise scanning when it comes to ARKit.

According to Bloomberg, Apple is currently in the process of locating suppliers for the 3D-sensing system despite the fact that the Cupertino giant is unsure if the functionality will be included in the next iteration of the iPhone.

While little information is known so far, the report does seem to confirm that the iPhone’s X’s 3D sensing functionality is here to stay and that the company plans on building up the technology that powers it.

Source: Bloomberg