Google Maps gets fresh coat of paint in new update

Google Maps

Google Maps has a new look.

In a recent blog post, Google showed off Maps’ revamped look, as well as a new feature designed to make it easier to find specific venues near your location. The tech giant says the design is set to release “over the next few weeks.” Maps users can expect the new design to make its way to the platform’s desktop website, apps and any third-party services.

With the new update, Google Maps subtly changes depending on what you’re doing with the app. For example, if you’re using navigation, Maps now highlights locations you’re more likely to need while driving like gas stations. In some ways, this feature is reminiscent of how the en-route point-of-interest highlighting functionality works in Waze.

Also, if you’re getting public transit directions, Maps points to bus stops and public transit drop points.

Google has also revamped the colour scheme featured in maps in order to better identify the location of businesses. In the update, businesses are even broken down by colour based on their type. Restaurants and other locations that fall into Maps’ ‘Food and Drink’ category are now coloured orange, while all ‘Shopping’ related locations are Blue, with ‘Entertainment/Leisure’ being coloured teal.

While a subtle shift, given how crowded Google Maps’ various display icons have become over the last few years, colour categorization goes a long way towards simplifying the utilities layout.

Source: Google