Pokédex Pro helps you become a Pokémon expert [App of the Week]

Playing Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon this weekend and can’t remember all of the weaknesses and abilities of the 800 plus Pokémon? Well this week’s App of the Week aims to help out.

While Pokédex Pro isn’t updated to include data from the latest iteration of games, it can definitely still be helpful.

Pokédex Pro features lists of Pokémon, moves, abilities, items, natures, egg groups and types. After tapping on Pokémon, the app shows a list of all of the Pokémon with their pictures.

When tapping on my favourite Pokémon, Infernape, it displays the creature’s stats, evolution chart and egg groups. Swiping over from at the top where the app reads ‘Infernape’ shows all of the Pokémon’s moves. I also displays the physical or special attributes, the types and how much power the move does, plus any additional effects. Lastly the app gives a recommendation regarding whether the Pokémon would work well in competitive play.

Meanwhile moves will show all of the Pokémon moves, which can use them, how much damage, accuracy, the type of move, and how many power points it has.

Further on Pokédex Pro shows the list of items, how much they cost in the Poké-Mart and exactly what they do. The app also has natures, egg groups and Pokémon types.

While I often know everything about each move, type and individual Pokémon and abilities, I’ve found the app very useful for remember which nature is good for certain Pokémon.

Pokedex Pro is available for free in App Store and Play Store.